Modern Cloth Nappy

MCN Care Instruction

When you first wash your MCNs, wash about 3 – 4 times on a cold wash without washing powder then a final time with washing powder (only use half the usual amount)

This helps the nappies reach peak absorbency.

Do not use fabric softener as this can reduce absorbency. You can use a little bi-carb to help soften nappies if needed.

Do not soak in Napisan as this damage the nappy.

Use a small amount of current washing powder.

Do not use zinc based nappy creams when using cloth nappies and if you use a nappy cream use a liner to prevent contact with the nappy. Nappy creams can build up inside the nappy and reduce their absorbency.


Remove solids from nappy and rinse. Store in a dry nappy bucket until ready to wash.

Wash nappies in a cold wash with half the amount of washing powder normally used.

Hang nappies on the line or tumble dry on low*

*If nappies have been stained hanging them out in the sunlight can assist with fading the stain

Picture 1 – Open cloth nappy and insert

Picture 2 – Putting the insert inside the pocket

Picture 3 – Insert inside the nappy pocket

Picture 4 – Small sized nappy

Picture 5 – Closing the snaps

Picture 6 – Largest sizing of nappy


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