Bubble Wrap Hopscotch

Great rainy day game ~ Bubble Wrap Hopscotch! Idea from : giverslog.com


Fairies in a jar

Fairies in a jar. USE with Adult Supervision*** Parent or Teacher of Preschool aged children should make it & give child chance to shake & observe. (circle time)
DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake. ( glow sticks at the Dollar Tree. used a mason jar that I had left over from the Salt Art in a Jar project. )**WARNINGS AND TIPS: “Be sure to read the warning on the back of the glowstick package. The ones I used were nontoxic but will stain clothes. Also, I used glowstick necklaces with the thought that it would be easier to cut than a thick glow stick.”* idea from Beth Brunner Valdepena

This idea was found on Squish Preschool Ideas on Facebook

Easter Idea

Gorgeous idea for easter, found this on notmartha.org

Can’t wait to make them myself this easter!



Had to post this! Can’t remember exactly where it was from but was shared on a friends wall.

What unwanted advice have you received?

Super cute idea for Xmas, Brownie Santa Hats! Took a plate of these to an early xmas party and were a huge hit!

Folding A Cloth Nappy


Picture 1 – Open cloth nappy and insert

Picture 2 – Putting the insert inside the pocket

Picture 3 – Insert inside the nappy pocket

Picture 4 – Small sized nappy

Picture 5 – Closing the snaps

Picture 6 – Largest sizing of nappy

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